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Freedom Physical Therapy is a modern health clinic dedicated to getting you back up on your feet, pain free, as fast as possible. Located in southwest Edmonton, our clinic is a flexible, professional, comfortable place to aid in your recovery with outgoing and experienced staff. We aim to feel like your second home and provide everything from individualized physio treatment plans to acupuncture to massages. After all, moving freely shouldn't hurt...

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Motor Vehicle Accidents   WCB    Extended Health Benefits 

Physiotherapy | Freedom Physical Therapy | Edmonton


Freedom Physical Therapy offers top notch physiotherapy services to help relieve a variety of problems.

We offer a wide variety of physiotherapy treatments including manual therapy, electrical modalities, thermal agents, therapeutic exercises, and various taping techniques as well as a wide range of registered therapists with decades of experience. 

Acupuncture Traditional Chinese Medicine | Freedom Physical Therapy | Edmonton


Traditional Chinese Acupuncture can help to treat pains and aches with natural and healthy techniques

This form of medicine is mainly concerned with identifying functional states which regulate digestion, breathing, etc. Disease is interpreted as a lack of harmony between the functional states and the environment. Treatment includes subcutaneous needling with the needle placement adjusted every visit. 

Massage Therapy | Freedom Physical Therapy | Edmonton

Massage Therapy

Our registered massage therapists offer relaxing Swedish massage, rapid release, and deep tissue massage for those problem areas.

The benefits of massage include stress reduction, tension reduction, pain reduction, as well as a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure. Massage Therapy improves blood and lymphatic circulation and provides or restores a sense of well-being.